OKC VeloCity | Need a short ride? Hop on a scooter or a rented bicycle

Need a short ride? Hop on a scooter or a rented bicycle

By Kennedy Parker / Lifestyle / August 20, 2019

You may have noticed--especially around the downtown area--the occasional sight of a group of scooters lined up on seemingly random street corners. There might have been a pack of bikes on the corner as well.

These transportation modes, Spokies bikes and Lime scooters, were placed where they could get the most use.

Spokies is operated by Embark, which oversees the city’s public transportation systems, including the bus system. Spokies is the city’s only bike-share program, with eight classic dock stations, and 25 dockless DASH bikes. The dockless bikes can be used by downloading an app and paying through that system.

Lime is also app based, which is how the scooters can be found. Despite an influx of scooters, Lime was willing to work with the city on regulations and has now been a popular transportation mode. Just be sure to follow the rules that pop up on the scooter's app, including no riding on sidewalks.

Although the bikes and scooters have their own policies in place regarding how to manage them, the short of it is that these are all fantastic options for getting around downtown; especially when you want to go somewhere that’s farther than you want to walk, but so close that it feels like a waste to drive.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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