OKC VeloCity | New restaurant roundup: Paseo Arts District

New restaurant roundup: Paseo Arts District

By Cynthia Reid / Lifestyle / June 12, 2019

As Oklahoma City’s restaurant scene continues to evolve, the Paseo Arts District has seen significant additions to an already thriving culinary collection.

There have always been plenty of good reasons to head to the district for a bite to eat. One of our favorites at VelocityOKC HQ is Paseo Grill – we love those fried green beans and the chicken pot pie. Another favorite is Sauced on Paseo with a combination of Italian favorites and nightly events ranging from comedy to poetry to live music entertainment.  Picasso Café continues their tradition of local partners, local ingredients, an artful vibe and great outdoor dining.

New Kids on the Block

In the last 18 months, eight new restaurants have joined these traditional favorites, making this one of Oklahoma City’s true dining hot spots. First up? Food truck sensation-turned-restaurant favorite Holey Rollers. With coffee from local roasters and delicious and uniquely flavored hand-made donuts and an assortment of breakfast treats, all made from scratch, this is one restaurant you will be glad to find in a permanent home.


Speaking of custom-crafted food, the chefs and barkeeps at Scratch are crafting every single thing you consume at this delightful restaurant, from the stocks to the bread and even the ketchup and mayo. For lunch or dinner you will be wowed with local goodies, many vegan or gluten free. Be sure to check out the house-made salt & vinegar chips!

I don’t know about you, but there are two things I really like – one is breakfast and the other is a great burger, making Buttermilk an excellent choice no matter what the time of day. Open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., this is the spot for chicken and a biscuit, a bonut (and no, that is not a typo) or a burger on a biscuit. All good choices!

The Mayan Taqueria & Cantina was next on the scene and the tacos have become a fast favorite for both the food and the atmosphere. Mark your calendar for their weekly taco Tuesday specials--and we’ve been told they have the best white queso in OKC. And we at VelocityOKC HQ are willing to go to every single Mexican restaurant to find out if it’s true! We’ll let you know.

OSO on Paseo made their debut last fall with a delicious mixture of tacos and tropical cocktails that take both to a whole new level. What could possibly be better than a taco made with brisket burnt ends and Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce? This restaurant is at the same time cool and casual and features plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free choices.

Just last month, the Red Rooster reopened after a reconstruction hiatus. This reimagined neighborhood tavern, open since 1937, has seen a complete overhaul of both the building and the menu. The new Red Rooster has lost the smell of smoke and bar food and replaced it with an eclectic menu in the kitchen and at the bar.

Two more restaurants are set to open this summer, as the owners of Picasso Café bring Frida to the district. The restaurant will offer American cuisine with a southwest influence and a separate bar and patio specializing in craft cocktails and whiskey. Gun Izakaya, a new concept from the folks behind Empire Slice House and Goro, will bring Japanese street food, sake, beer and whiskey to its new location.

It’s definitely time to make the Paseo a go-to destination for chasing away your hunger pains, no matter what time of the day.

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