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OKC Streetcar how-to: Caffeine crawl

By Nate Fisher / Lifestyle / March 22, 2019

Ding, ding! That’s your signal to get on the streetcar and have a day out. But what to do? We here at VeloCityHQ aim to please, so we’ve taken the liberty of checking out some experiences and ideas to relay to you (again, it’s a tough job and all that). So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a streetcar-based outing extravaganza.

For this edition, we’re percolating our minds and bodies out by visiting some coffee shops and cafes along the route. (You'll probably want to purchase the $3 day pass either on your phone or just at the platform for this caffeine crawl.) 

PRO TIP: Because of the system’s “loop layout,” your closest stop may not always be the one you want to ride to your destination, and if you’re simply making a quick round trip to one location and back, you may not want to get back on at the same stop at which you disembarked. Take note of direction of travel—you may want to walk a block or two to catch a car going in a more time-friendly direction.

PRO TIP #2: Check out the estimated arrival times before leaving a shop for a stop – you may have time for another quick shot!

Start: Kamp’s 1910 Café, 10 Northeast 10th St.

End: Prelude Coffee Roasters, 3 Northeast 8th St.

For this crawl (we're calling it a crawl, but frankly, it will feel like more of a coffee "carom" by the time you're a few stops in), you'll again be using the Downtown Loop, but this time, we’re going to ride a lot of the rails (don’t worry, we’ll keep you tanked up with caffeine and all kinds of other good things as you traverse the route).

Start at (1) Kamp’s 1910 Café, just east of the railroad tracks on 10th St. In addition to quenching your first coffee thirst of the day, you may want to avail yourself of some fantastic breakfast or lunch foods, depending on the time of day. You won’t be stuck with a bad meal by indulging in a “Stuck at the Train” chicken sandwich or a “Smokestack Cuban” with pulled pork, ham and swiss!

Now time for some fresh air to invigorate your lungs, stave off the jitters and get set for more caffeine intake. Head back west across Broadway and hit (2) Coffee Slingers, 1015 N. Broadway Ave. (They make a mean macchiato.) The smells of coffee being roasted will fill your nostrils, but don’t linger too long, as it’s now time to get on the streetcar.

Go back across the street and go north (left) one block and board the streetcar at the Art Park stop. Ride one stop and disembark at the North Hudson stop, where you’ll continue to your right / west on 11th St. one block to Walker Ave., where you’ll go right / north up to (3) Hank’s Coffee and Wine, 1227 N. Walker Ave.

Feeling restless? Got the jitters? That’s just the caffeine talking, baby, and it’s saying “MORE.” At Hank’s, you may want to get a quick bite or pastry as well as a latte or perhaps even a glass of wine to relax (let’s face it, after at least four coffees, you’re apt to be pretty amped up at this point, and we’re not even halfway through our crawl).

Now, go back to North Hudson and take the streetcar two stops to the Midtown stop at the corner of Hudson Ave. and Northwest 10th St., or you can walk south and west to the Dewey Avenue stop and go one stop to Midtown.  Upon disembarking, walk south (take a right on Hudson Ave.) to find (4) Elemental Coffee on the corner of 8th and Hudson, 815 N. Hudson Ave. A drip coffee or cold brew and avocado toast here will carry you through any caffeine-induced sweating or dizziness you may be feeling back to the streetcar as you head east on 8th two blocks to Robinson Ave., where you will go right / south to the Law School stop just before NW 7th St.

Ride the streetcar one stop south to the Memorial Museum stop, where you’ll disembark and go across the street and head south to (5) Kitchen 324, 324 N. Robinson Ave. Indulge in a cortado, cappuccino or Americano to go along with your heart palpitations and a badass apple fritter or maple French cruller, or go big before you go home and get a full-on breakfast or lunch (we figure your stomach could use some sustenance to go along with all the caffeine now). Exiting 324, you’ll continue south and cross the street again to get to the Business District stop just one block away. But don’t stop yet, cross Park Ave. and hit up (6) Stella Nova, 119 N. Robinson Ave., for a café au lait and a cinnamon roll before heading back to Business District where you’ll get the next streetcar.

Increased heart rate and respiration? No worries, it’s just the excitement of even more caffeine on its way! Ride one stop to the Bricktown stop and disembark. Go left / east on Sheridan about a half-block to Oklahoma Ave., cross the street, and go left/north toward Main St., where you’ll find (7) All About Cha, 100 E. Main St., on your right. We would recommend getting a Green Tea Latte and perhaps a slice of Pie Junkie pie or even some sushi(!) (you’re going to get back on the streetcar and ride a bit after this, so plan accordingly). Go ahead and go back south toward Sheridan Ave. and this time go one block to the left / east, cross the street and get back on the streetcar at the Mickey Mantle stop. 

As you let all the various caffeine, wine and food you’ve had settle, take a few moments to reflect on OKC and all you’ve seen, drank and eaten thus far as you ride seven stops all the way to the Library stop.

Once you disembark, you’ll walk south (to your right) and then go across the street (to the west) at Main St. where you’ll find (8) Clarity Coffee, 431 W. Main St. After sampling a pour over or a matcha latte, go back across the street toward the Downtown Library and perhaps give (9) D Taino a try (the new tenant of the library coffee shop). Get back on the streetcar at the Library stop and ride three restless, shaky-handed stops to the Automobile Alley stop, and your (perhaps) final destination!

Don’t let the inevitable insomnia and impending nighttime shakes curtail your desire to go north/right at the stop and then take a right / go east on 8th St. one block as you meet the 8th Street Market and say hello to OKC’s newest shop, (10) Prelude Coffee Roasters (3/22 note: opening date TBD). (We’d probably recommend ending the day with a brew from Prairie or something while you’re here to help you wind down a bit, because hey, that’s a lot of caffeine.)

Optional Final Stop

You’re just a few short blocks away from (11) Leaf+Bean in Deep Deuce, 321 N. Oklahoma Ave. Suite 107, so take a walk or grab a Spokies bike followed by a fine coffee or tea at L+B and get your now never-ending night started off right. Let’s face it, you’re not sleeping anytime soon—embrace it!


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