OKC VeloCity | OKC: where success is in store

OKC: where success is in store

By Kaylee Terracina / Lifestyle / May 14, 2019

When we say that retail is successful in Oklahoma City, don’t just take it from us! Stores representing all sizes and specialties are speaking up about their Oklahoma City experience (spoiler alert: it’s good). Read on for accounts from Oklahoma City retailers about how their business is thriving.

  • The OKC Outlets - The OKC Outlets shopping center just off I-40 in western Oklahoma City has emerged as the go-to shopping destination for outlet shopping enthusiasts across Oklahoma and beyond.
  • Classen Curve- A shopping trip to Oklahoma City’s Classen Curve can be such an unexpected delight that you will come away with a one-word description of the experience: unique.
  • Homeland- There is a distinctive neighborhood flavor to the newly remodeled Homeland grocery supermarket at NW 18 and Classen Boulevard in Oklahoma City. It might be the “Welcome Friends, Locally Owned – Community Proud” sign that greets you as you enter the store.
  • Stella Nova- The ultimate neighborhood coffee shop for Oklahoma City continues to expand.
  • The Black Scintilla- For Rachael Gruntmeir, owner of The Black Scintilla, shopping is more than a transaction. It is relationship building.
  • Chisholm Creek- Two words perfectly describe the Chisholm Creek mixed use development in far northwest Oklahoma City. Experiential. Placemaking.

Can’t get enough retail and development news? We don’t blame you. Luckily for you, VeloCityOKC.com has an entire section devoted to people breaking ground on new concepts in Oklahoma City. Read the latest announcements.

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