OKC VeloCity | Park once and tour downtown on the OKC Streetcar

Park once and tour downtown on the OKC Streetcar

By Kennedy Parker / Lifestyle / August 20, 2019

It hasn't even been active for a year, yet the OKC Streetcar is already right at home.

One of the city’s MAPS 3 projects, the 6.5 mile route takes riders through the core of downtown and east to Bricktown. There are two routes, with the Bricktown loop only operating on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The two loops are called that for a reason. Be sure to check out the map before you’re heading north when you need to get south. Pay attention to where you need to get off because unlike when it first opened, the streetcar doesn’t stop at every stop.

The streetcar has become a great tool for exploring OKC's bustling downtown area. If you're looking for an easy and budget-friendly way to see more of downtown, without having to park multiple times, the streetcar is exactly what you're seeking. A ride from one destination to the next costs $1, though you can buy multiple-ride passes.

There are guides available for how to use the streetcar for your ultimate taproom, coffee, or brunch crawl experience.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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