OKC VeloCity | Pick your perfect pumpkin at the MBG’s Great Pumpkin Patch

Pick your perfect pumpkin at the MBG’s Great Pumpkin Patch

By Nate Fisher / Lifestyle / October 13, 2020

Are you one of these pumpkin people? Does the word “fall” instantly foster phantom redolent notes of pumpkin spice fragrance everywhere? Do you wish it were socially/medically acceptable to wear a pumpkin head in place of a COVID-19 mask, Headless Horseman style? Do you want to shake pumpkin spice over everything, and then just go ahead and roll around in it? Did you friend a Jack Pumpkinhead account on MySpace back in the day? Do your neighbors walk by your front porch and think, “That’s a lot of jack-o-lanterns… should I call the HOA?”

Well, my winter squash-loving friend, you may have a problem (but we’re not judging). If you’re in search of the perfect pumpkin and are looking for ways to get pumpkinspired to create your own pumpkin-based art, get down to the Devon Lawn at Myriad Botanical Gardens from Oct. 16-25 and feed your pumpkin addiction in a safe, socially-distant manner at The Great Pumpkin Patch. They’ll have myriad examples of your favorite orange Cucurbitaceae specimen for sale, along with pumpkin-based murals, pumpkin-painting activities for kids, carousel rides, something called “Community Scarecrows,” live music, food trucks and more. Learn more over at the Myriad Botanical Gardens’ website, and we’ll see you there—as soon as we finish this delicious seasonal latte and muffin.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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