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River of dreams

By Nate Fisher / Lifestyle / September 24, 2019

Nothing is perhaps more indicative of Oklahoma City’s recent renaissance than the transformation of what was once a mostly dry riverbed (that famously occasionally even had to be mowed! Yeah, it’s another one of those strange-but-true facts, much like Oklahoma actually has four mountain ranges… but we digress) into an Olympic-level training and recreational venue for all types of paddlesport activities—including both whitewater and flatwater disciplines—and beyond. And the story of that transformation is one with many chapters. Fittingly, greateroklahomacity.com has a multi-chapter, multimedia presentation of the story of the Oklahoma River, from land run to riverbed to Olympic rings and more. Get to know your new hometown via the inside scoop on this microcosm of the larger OKC experience at https://www.greateroklahomacity.com/stories/a-rivers-rise/.

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