OKC VeloCity | See aviation history for yourself

See aviation history for yourself

By Kaylee Terracina / Lifestyle / June 18, 2019

You know now how important aviation is in Oklahoma City in both the past and present, so why not experience more for yourself? There’s no better place to do that than the 99s Museum of Women Pilots. Named for the international organization of women pilots founded in 1929, the museum has more than 5,000 square feet of artifacts that preserve the history of women in aviation.

The museum houses a large collection of artifacts that belonged to the one of the most recognizable female pilots: Amelia Earhart. Earhart was the first elected president of the organization, and the museum houses her original pilot’s license alongside other personal effects. Other exhibits include a feature on female military pilots from WWII to today and items belonging to Oklahoma astronaut Jerrie Cobb.

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