OKC VeloCity | ‘Snow joke, it’s National Weatherperson Day

‘Snow joke, it’s National Weatherperson Day

By Nate Fisher / Lifestyle / February 5, 2020

Inside the National Weather Center in Norman

As the snow begins to fall in OKC, as luck would have it, Feb. 5 is in fact National Weatherperson Day. As we all know, our local meteorologists can often attain celebrity status and inspire rather cult-like followings (and even occasionally the odd drinking game). And with the National Weather Center located in Norman, many of the world’s top meteorologists call Greater OKC home. But often what gets the headlines both here and nationally about our weather isn’t indicative of what it’s like here in OKC most of the time. If you have friends, family or colleagues that are considering a move to a new market but might be put off by what they’ve seen online, be sure to point them to the Climate section of our re-designed website for new or prospective residents, abetterlifeokc.com. Now get out there and enjoy the snow (after all, we have all four seasons in OKC!).

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