OKC VeloCity | So your loved ones are visiting OKC this holiday season

So your loved ones are visiting OKC this holiday season

By Chamber Staff / Lifestyle / December 18, 2019

“Gee whiz VeloCityOKC, I find myself in quite a pickle,” you explain, “See, I got all these friends, family members and other loved ones who are coming to OKC for the holiday season—and I know this is a great chance to show off how cool OKC is, but golly, I’m just not sure what I should show them. What’s new in town? What events are going on? Help me VeloCityOKC—give me ideas about what I can do with my visiting loved ones!”


Don’t worry—we got you.


Your loved ones don’t know it yet, but they’re in for a great time: after all, OKC recently made Travel + Leisure’s list of 50 Best Places to Travel in 2020.


If these are the kind of loved ones who visit you yearly and you want to get a good, shocked reaction out of them (“All this happened in a year?!”), OKC’s had plenty of new upgrades worth showing off: Scissortail Park, the food halls, other new restaurants and the streetcar all spring to mind. In fact, for bonus points, why not take them on a bar/coffee/brunch crawl using the streetcar? There’s even a parking guide available, if you need one. (If it seems like we’re trying to push the streetcar, it’s because we are: it’s totally free on weekends until January 5!)


For miscellaneous goings-on, consider checking out the Downtown in December festivities! There’s plenty of light displays that are viewable for the public, shows, fundraisers, a New Year’s Eve 5k run and more. There’s also plenty of of live music in the metro this month. When in doubt, it’s hard to go wrong with Thunder games.

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