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The arts are alive in OKC

By Molly Fleming / Lifestyle / July 21, 2020

Whether it’s a mural in an alley or an annual festival, Oklahoma City’s arts scene gets better every year. And it’s all done according to the City’s public arts master plan, which has been in place since the 1980s.

City leaders know that arts and cultural investments make cities great places to live, to travel and study, and more attractive for economic development. Their vision is supported by recent national studies that have found that cities with these types of community and economic benefits instill a sense of pride and loyalty in citizens often resulting in higher rates of economic growth. Public art also creates jobs. The City now employs an arts administrator, installers and conservators.

Oklahoma City’s creators are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to thinking about art and design. The city is now home to vast, immersive art experiences, galleries cropping up in unexpected nooks and crannies, and the kind of experimental art that can only thrive when the arts are appreciated, valued and supported.

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber loves sharing about the City’s thriving arts scene. It’s now easy to learn about all the places to see and people making it happen at https://www.greateroklahomacity.com/stories/art/. Take some time to read through it and share this exciting story with your friends.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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