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The Better Life: giving you the 411 in the 405

By Chamber Staff / Lifestyle / January 1, 2019

Here at Better Life HQ our goal is simple. We want to help you get to know your new hometown a little better. Oklahoma City is a diverse metro with new pockets of development and events being added at the blink of an eye. Even for the most seasoned of OKC natives, staying on top of everything to do in our city can feel like an endless task.

We understand that moving to a new city can be overwhelming and intimidating. However, with a little knowledge (our part) and an open mind and an adventurous streak (your part), you will quickly find out OKC is a place where you can get involved quickly and make a difference.

The blog is posted to the website every Tuesday, rain or shine. In Oklahoma City, it is mostly shine though. You can also sign up to get the blog emailed to you each week here. Don’t worry, we don’t spam you consistently. Just one e-mail, every Tuesday. We pinky swear.

And of course we want to hear from you. Are you new to OKC? What kind of things are you interested in learning about? If you’ve lived here a long time what do newcomers need to know? Let us know in the comments below, shoot us an e-mail or get a hold of us on Facebook and Twitter.

P.S. Although we focus on people new to OKC, we love nothing more than helping people who have lived in our community for a while rediscover their hometown and find cool new things to do in OKC.

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