OKC VeloCity | Thrills and chills: Cool off by joining a whitewater rafting league

Thrills and chills: Cool off by joining a whitewater rafting league

By Molly Fleming / Lifestyle / August 2, 2019

If you and your coworkers enjoy competition and thrills, you’re encouraged to participate in Riversport’s Whitewater Rafting League. The fall season starts Aug. 17.

Paddlesports Manager Raegan Coffey said this year’s fall season will have eight teams, which is the most to participate since the league started in 2016. The league started when the MAPS 3-backed whitewater rafting center opened in the Boathouse District.

“We’re catching a lot more attention than we have in years past,” she said. “It’s exciting.”

Coffey said people can range in their experience. She said Riversport has had people compete that have never been down the rapids and others that are quite experienced.

A raft guide is on the boat all the time to help give directions to the team.

“Everyone in the boat helps steer it down the channel,” she said.

Teams need at least four people to compete, though it is recommended to have six teammate. Participants should be able to swim and assist in their own rescue if need be. Paddlers just must be able to fit in a helmet and a personal flotation device.

Each rafting team six one-hour practices before competing Oct. 5 at the Oklahoma Regatta Festival.

On competition day, the teams will have three times to take their boat down the channel. The first time will be for practice. The second run will be down the competition channel where teams will compete in a slalom race. If a team hits a gate (colored plastic stick), they get time added onto their finish time. The third run will be down the recreational side where the goal is to be the fastest team down the channel. At the end, the two times are combined and teams win by having the fastest times.

 RIVERSPORT offers three whitewater leagues, with seasons starting in April and running through October.

For more information about the league or to register, contact Coffey at rcoffey@okcbf.org or call her at (405) 552-4040 ext. 4107.



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