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Tinker 101

By David McCollum / Lifestyle / June 25, 2019

You probably know that there was a huge air show on the west side of OKC a few weeks ago. You may even know that it was held at Tinker Air Force Base. But how did OKC become home to one of America’s most important Air Force installations?

As the largest single-site employer in the state, it's no secret that Tinker Air Force Base is a critical part of the Greater Oklahoma City region. Tinker Air Force Base started its history in Oklahoma City more than 80 years ago, when a group of Greater Oklahoma City Chamber members organized the Industries Foundation of Oklahoma and pooled nearly $300,000 to successfully purchase land for defense installations.

The names who contributed to this effort are probably familiar to many who know the history of Tinker or Oklahoma City – civic leaders like E.K. Gaylord, Wilbur E. Hightower, Tom Braniff, Frank Buttram and Stanley Draper – but they certainly aren’t the only individuals who sacrificed their time, money and political will to see Tinker succeed. Throughout Tinker’s history, both military members and civilians have contributed to the continuing growth of our community. Read on for a small sample of the individuals whose leadership and sacrifice have shaped our community.

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