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VeloCity: keeping you informed

By Marcus Elwell / Lifestyle / January 15, 2019

Getting to know your new hometown is about more than knowing where to eat or what to do with your free time. Becoming a citizen of a community is also about being engaged with what is going on.

www.VeloCityOKC.com was launched to help keep residents, new and old alike, informed on the issues that will help continue our community’s rise.

VeloCity will feature economic updates, business developments, lifestyle guides and numerous other topical articles that tells our city’s story as it unfolds today.

The site highlights the inherent brilliance of our technology industry, the fervent innovation of our entrepreneurs the eager pride of our tourism industry and much more. From infrastructure projects to investing companies, or state policy changes to new, local festivals, VeloCity puts a magnifying glass to every excellent person, idea and business that comprises this tempered city and its grassroots renaissance.

The velocity of any entity can be defined by two innate attributes: speed and direction. The velocity of any community can be defined by the same, and OKC is one with speed and direction toward the future. Like the winding Oklahoma River, carving away at its walls, inventing new passages, and pushing forward a steadfast progress, Oklahoma City presses onward with VeloCity.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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