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Weather 101

By Chamber Staff / Lifestyle / March 26, 2019

Much is made about weather in Oklahoma but most of the time it couldn’t be nicer. In fact, we see 350 sunny days a year in Oklahoma City with an average temp of 61 degrees.

We also have four distinct seasons. Summers are sunny and warm with plenty of days for swimming. Winters are bright and cold so you'll have plenty of excuses to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after doing a little outdoor ice skating. Autumn is crisp, perfect for football or a scenic drive. And springs are often wet, but filled with plenty of clear days to get out and watch the flowers bloom.

Even though Oklahoma’s weather can be sensationalized, it never hurts to be weather aware. Luckily for Oklahomans, the National Weather Center is located in Norman, just south of Oklahoma City. The center is home to the most technologically advanced weather equipment in the world and does an amazing job of monitoring not only the weather in central Oklahoma but of the world.

Head over to the climate section of our site for some more helpful info and weather related info.

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