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Dolese Bros. Co. celebrates 115 years

By Chamber Staff / PRESENTED BY Dolese Bros. Co. / Member News / April 3, 2017

In 1902, Dolese Bros. Co. was founded by three brothers, John, Henry, and Peter, who focused on constructing streets, sewer lines and other projects in the Chicago area. In the few years before Oklahoma statehood, Dolese owned and operated several quarries throughout Oklahoma territory to provide quarried rock for railroad construction and crushed stone that was needed to build the state’s roads as it was being settled. Additionally, Dolese helped construct parts of historic Route 66.

Roger M. Dolese inherited the company from his father and uncles in the 1940s, expanding Dolese operations throughout the state and region. Described as a gentle giant, Roger was known by many throughout the company as considerate and attentive to his employees, traits that reflect the atmosphere of Dolese today. Roger led the company through many years of sensible growth, and when he died in 2002, passed the company on to his employees through profit sharing.

As the expansion of Dolese continued, in 2009 they received a contract to help construct the Devon Tower. Every branch of Dolese was involved in the construction project, and on March 21, 2010, delivery began for what was to become the largest and longest continuous concrete pour in state history, with trucks delivering 6,500 cubic yards of concrete for 18 hours. In total, Dolese delivered 120,000 cubic yards of concrete to the project.

From 2014-2016, Dolese played a major role in the construction of the Riversport Rapids, a premier whitewater rafting facility in the heart of Oklahoma City. The three channels of the rapids are made of high-strength concrete, developed by Dolese, capable of withstanding a million gallons of water pumped through them every minute. Throughout the two years of construction, Dolese delivered concrete through all hours of the night to complete the project on time for opening day in May of 2016.

Currently, Dolese employs more than 1,000 people, providing customers with concrete, sand, stone and concrete block products. As one of Oklahoma’s oldest and largest construction supply companies, Dolese’s handiwork can be seen in construction projects throughout the state, advancing Oklahoma communities one concrete pour at a time.

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