OKC VeloCity | Executive Hub concept aims to bring flexibility to Oklahoma City’s market

Executive Hub concept aims to bring flexibility to Oklahoma City’s market

By Staff Reports / PRESENTED BY Reign Capital Holdings LLC / Member News / May 26, 2020

A new office concept in Northwest Oklahoma City is drawing attention from local entrepreneurs. The Executive Hub at Gaillardia Parkway is a one-stop shop for talented executives seeking a total business solution. The space, opening June 1, will offer golf course views and a variety of included services.

Oil and natural gas industry veteran David D. Le Norman is the brains behind the office concept. “We felt the market was lacking a modern, professional space for small-business owners and entrepreneurs to coexist and collaborate,” said Le Norman. “The Executive Hub will offer both short and long-term leases with the ability to occupy a single office or two, while also having unlimited access to state-of-the-art conference rooms, administrative services and more,” he added.  

Entering the executive suite market was a natural fit for the seasoned professional. Le Norman owns a property management group, Le Norman Properties, as well as multiple Class A commercial properties in the OKC Metro, including four buildings within the Gaillardia Parkway Office Park and the office tower at 9400 Broadway Extension where a second Executive Hub is planned. 

“One of the main disadvantages of working from home as we are all experiencing during the COVID-19 crisis is a lack of community and a feeling of isolation,” said Le Norman. “The Executive Hub will serve as your home away from home, allowing you to network with other executives as well as host meetings in a variety of high-tech conference rooms. The location is also ideal. Tenants are surrounded by dozens of restaurants and have easy access to the Kilpatrick Turnpike. It’s like a community within a community.”

The operation is taking necessary steps to ensure tenants feel comfortable and confident in the era of COVID-19. Unlike many traditional coworking spaces, the Executive Hub won’t offer “hot desking” which has been a trend in which office workers do not have assigned seating and therefore multiple people may share a single workstation over the course of a week or even a day. Rather, the Executive Hub will house 35 private office suites of varying size. “We want our tenants to have the autonomy to decide if they want to mix and mingle in a community space or shut their office door and work in private,” said Jay Cornish, Property Manager. “While networking is a key feature of the Executive Hub, we understand confidential meetings and phone calls will need to occur, and some tenants may want to continue to socially distance themselves from co-workers. The space will be inviting, secure and provide the peace of mind to simply come and go knowing the integrity of your belongings, equipment and work product are safe and sound.”

This may be the opportune time for workplace concepts like the Executive Hub to hit the market. The collapse of oil prices and COVID-19 related demand destruction for oil and natural gas are forcing a lot of companies to reevaluate staffing. Downsizing is imminent for many OKC-based companies, regardless of industry, due to the significance oil and natural gas has on Oklahoma’s economy. “The Executive Hub offers flexible lease options and a plethora of included services and amenities without the overhead costs many professionals are accustom to,” said Cornish.

“There is no doubt these are hard times for the people of Oklahoma,” said Le Norman. “But when one company fails, we have seen time and time again that the resilient people of Oklahoma, especially those in the oil and natural gas field, will find a way to spin-off and create value. We just hope we can help facilitate that resiliency in Oklahoma City by providing a flexible environment to make it happen. When entrepreneurs intermingle with executives oftentimes technology is born, investments are made, and jobs are created.”

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