OKC VeloCity | Give a Thank You to our brave local healthcare workers

Give a Thank You to our brave local healthcare workers

By Chamber Staff / Member News / January 8, 2021

Thanking our region’s healthcare workers for their efforts during this surge of COVID patients is the goal of a new initiative launched by the Chamber. “We know the continued levels of patients at our hospitals is taking a toll on their workforce,” explained Roy Williams, president & CEO. “We need to find ways to let these frontline healthcare workers know we appreciate their dedication.”

The Chamber is asking individuals to record a brief one-minute video message and upload the message at www.okccovidheroes.com. The messages will be compiled into longer videos that will be displayed inside the hospital for workers to see the appreciation messages.

“We know this work is hard, and any encouragement and appreciation we can send is well-deserved,” said Williams. Partners from the Oklahoma City Ad Club have volunteered to help edit the longer videos. “We really appreciate the team that is rallying around this effort.”


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