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HoganTaylor Moves into Innovation District

By Staff Reports / Member News / November 11, 2019

HoganTaylor, LLP, one of the largest public accounting firms in Oklahoma and Arkansas, has relocated its Oklahoma City office to a new, expanded space at 1225 N Broadway Avenue, Suite 200, in the newly christened Innovation District. 

The move was originally announced in 2018 and stems from the Firm’s need to accommodate business changes and additional staff for future growth.

The new location allows HoganTaylor to serve a greater role in the large investment Oklahoma City is making in the future by forming innovative partnerships with like-minded organizations in the emerging district.

“In the accounting industry, we spend a lot of  time thinking about the future and what changes may come as a result of new technology,” Richard Wright, managing partner of HoganTaylor’s Oklahoma City office, said. “At HoganTaylor, new technology is driving our transformation from a public accounting firm to a full-service business advisory firm. Our new space is a reflection of that transformation.”

The new office features an open concept layout with activity-based work environments and team rooms that allow for increased interoffice collaboration and idea sharing.

“The number one thing that's going to change for our profession is that our clients are going to demand that we help them get better and not just do their compliance work,” Randy Nail, CEO of HoganTaylor, said. “Our new space fosters the kind of collaboration and innovation we’ll need to help our clients get better, but it’s just one of many ways we’re innovating our future at HoganTaylor.”

In addition to optimizing office environments for innovation, HoganTaylor is investing in service lines outside of the traditional accounting space.

The Firm recently announced a merger agreement with RainRock IT Services. As a result of the merger, a new subsidiary, HoganTaylor Technology, began doing business effective November 1.

HoganTaylor Technology will offer a suite of information technology services, including managed information technology services, outsourced CIO and technology solutions, cybersecurity services, and IT strategy and assessments.

“In the future, if a client needs anything related to a business issue, whether it’s an IT need, a marketing need, an HR need, or really anything, we want HoganTaylor to be the first place they turn,” Nail, said. “Our move in Oklahoma City and this beautiful new space both support that goal.”

HoganTaylor plans to hold open house events in the new Oklahoma City office space early next year.


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