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INTEGRIS Health launches online COVID-19 symptom checker

By Staff Reports / Member News / March 25, 2020

INTEGRIS is introducing a new free online tool designed to help Oklahomans determine if they have symptoms that could be consistent with coronavirus (COVID-19).

The idea is to keep people from flooding local emergency rooms and physician clinics by providing information or re-directing low acuity cases to more appropriate care settings.

The symptom checker uses a friendly "artificial intelligence" AI-Powered chatbot to walk people through key questions related to their current health. The result is a clinical recommendation for how they should move forward to either treat their symptoms or get additional COVID-19 support or testing.

The COVID-19 Symptom Checker supports our community during this critical time in the following ways:

  • Checks for COVID-19 symptoms and pertinent risk factors
  • Navigates people to appropriate resources and care settings based on their level of risk
  • Provides general information on symptoms, prevention and preparedness
  • Provides answers to common questions about COVID-19
  • Is continuously updated based on CDC and WHO guidelines

The hope is that this new online tool will give the “worried well” the reassurance they are searching for and provide relief for overburdened call centers and front desk resources.

You can access the INTEGRIS Symptom Checker by visiting integrisok.com. The pop-up that appears on your screen is the chatbot.

The symptom checker is not compatible with Internet Explorer. The supported browser versions are Edge version 42 or higher, Chrome version 72.0.3626 or higher, Safari version 12 or higher and Firefox version 60 or higher.

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