OKC VeloCity | OKCPS students visited by Boeing for National Engineers Week

OKCPS students visited by Boeing for National Engineers Week

By Staff Reports / Member News / February 25, 2020

On Friday, January 21, Boeing engineers spent the morning talking to and inspiring students at Classen SAS High School at Northeast to celebrate National Engineers Week. The engineers led students through a Boeing-inspired design challenge called “Engineer an Exoskeleton.” Groups of 4-6 students had the task of building a wearable device that was capable of detecting movement using a potentiometer--an instrument that measures an electromotive force and balances the voltage. The design challenge provided students with supplies and general direction but no specific instructions to encourage students' creativity and problem-solving skills.

“We are so grateful to have such amazing community partners as Boeing,” Said Scot McAdoo, Principal at Classen SAS at Northeast High School. Today, our students had an excellent opportunity to learn more about STEM related careers and participate in hands-on projects involving sensors, electrical signals and circuits. These types of interactions, where they hear first-hand from talented professionals that work for a world-leading company like Boeing, are very inspiring for students and a perfect way to help them see the many possibilities that await them.”

“At Boeing, we are committed to inspiring a passion for STEM in the next generation,” said Kristin Holland, community investor, Boeing Global Engagement. “When students can see and interact with a successful engineer who looks like them and comes from a similar background as them, a career in STEM seems possible. That’s why we want to get as many Boeing employees in local classrooms as possible.”

"Today we learned about Boeing, what the company does, and we also got to build an exoskeleton and experiment with it," said Ricardo Rojas, Senior at Classen SAS at Northeast High School. ''It was a really fun project and we got to work together as a team. I have always enjoyed building things and these types of opportunities allows us students to be in the lookout, reach out and explore what careers are out there and what companies have to offer. It also helps us build interest in certain areas. A lot of times students are not sure what careers they want to pursue and these opportunities help them experience and see what a profession in the engineering field could look like," he added.

Founded by NSPE in 1951, Engineers Week (February 16–22, 2020) is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. In addition to visiting two classes at Classen SAS High School at Northeast, Boeing Engineers also led engineering challenges at Roosevelt Middle School and at Willow Brook Elementary, inspiring young adults and little ones to pursue careers in the engineering and STEM fields.


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