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Reach an engaged audience through Chamber programs

By Chamber Staff / Member News / December 3, 2018

With a membership of nearly 4,000 companies and the engagement of Oklahoma City’s top business and civic leaders, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber offers an ideal audience for marketing the products and services of your business. Boost your reach in 2019 by investing in the following Chamber sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Chamber events

Each year, the Chamber hosts more than 70 events for the business community and the public. From the Chamber’s signature events that reach thousands of attendees to networking-focused events like monthly Sunset Receptions, you can choose to sponsor events that reach a specific audience type. All combined, Chamber events reach more than 20,000 people each year.

Print and digital advertising

Chamber newsletters and publications are frequently accessed by businesses and individuals looking to learn more about Oklahoma City and its business community. These advertising opportunities allow businesses to promote themselves to thousands of people each month. By advertising in Chamber publications, you can double your impact with ads in both print and digital versions.

Chamber websites

Chamber websites are a go-to source of information on the Oklahoma City economy and its current events. Advertise with a member spotlight or premium homepage ad on www.okcchamber.com to reach Chamber members and community leaders. The Chamber’s relocation website, www.abetterlifeokc.com, and its weekly blog offer ads to promote your company to new residents. Ads on the Chamber’s websites can be linked directly to your website, allowing you a direct connection to your audience.

To learn more about available advertising and sponsorships and see what product would be the best fit for your marketing goals, contact Kaylee Terracina, content creator for the Chamber, at
kterracina@okcchamber.com or 405-297-8955.


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