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Sunbeam Family Services shares coping tips for COVID-19 grief

By Staff Reports / Member News / May 5, 2020

COVID-19 has globally impacted communities as the world wrestles with a multitude of both obvious and subtle changes to everyone’s daily patterns. While it is normal to feel powerless right now, and many people have a sense of shock, numbness, anger, disappointment, blame, and fear. 

Through all of this, we are all stretching and growing new muscles – like juggling multiple Zoom calls from home while trying to teach fourth-grade math. This adds to the heaviness of it all, as many of us do not have access to the environments we are used to.

What we are all doing each day to manage our own stress while meeting the needs of our work and family is no small feat. If this experience feels hard, it’s because it is hard.

Grief is not a problem to be solved and the only way to get past grief is to actively work through it. Here are some tips from Sunbeam Family Services to help you in this process:

  1. Choose to feel.

Feel of loss is a rich soup of emotions, sensations, urges, and memories. Research shows that people who respond to loss with tears and laughter; mourning and honoring; missing and appreciating, are more likely to recover and even prosper. 

  1. Notice your thoughts, but choose which thoughts to follow.

Every mental move from every developmental era will be attempted when there is a major loss. Persons should reach out to others, change in ways you know are healthy, or give yourself a moment of kindness. 

  1. Attend to what is important here and now.

Let go of worry and broaden your focus. You are here. You are alive. This moment contains life in full measure. 

  1. Connect in consciousness with others.

 Even while physically distancing. FaceTime a friend or a family member. Remember, we are all in this together.

  1. Choose your best self.

 Think of a person who might give you guidance on how to be your best amid loss. Once you've chosen, think about how that person carries themselves in life. 

  1. Go for it.

Taking action, rather than disengaging, will help you deal with loss in a healthier way. Write that letter, make that call, or reach out to help others deal with similar losses.

For more information about mental health services visit sunbeamfamilyservices.org/counseling.


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