OKC VeloCity | A dynamic transportation system has positive economic impact

A dynamic transportation system has positive economic impact

By Derek Sparks / Policy / December 13, 2018

As we move toward the launch of the OKC Streetcar and usher in an exciting new era of public transit in Oklahoma City, let’s take a moment to examine the positive effects strategic, multi-modal transportation investments have had on company and employee recruitment.

Corporate and real estate executives regularly rank transportation infrastructure first among key factors of most importance to companies when choosing to re-locate.  Availability of talent, utilities and incentives, while all highly critical, often fall below quality transportation infrastructure as the single most important factor to location decisions.

As markets shift toward growing mega-regions across the globe, it is more critical than ever that Oklahoma City develops transportation options to meet the ever-increasing demands of industry.  This requires a high-quality, safe and efficient transportation system to satisfy business needs.

Roads, rail, air, and water all play a critical role in moving goods, services and people throughout central Oklahoma.  Therefore, the success of economic development efforts depends upon the existence of an efficient multi-modal transportation system.  The more our economy grows, the more significant it is to offer transportation options agile enough to grow with increased demand created by new jobs and people in our region. 

Out of the many variables that effect Oklahoma City’s ability to recruit and retain companies, transportation is a primary area impacted by policy decisions made at the federal, state and local levels.  Oklahoma is fortunate to have a Congressional delegation that vigorously defends transportation dollars being sent back to our state, and state transportation officials at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) who have created the successful eight-year plan model which ensures scarce state transportation dollars are sent to the most critical areas of need. 

Whether supporting ODOT’s historic number of key transportation projects currently underway in Oklahoma City and the successful effort to reduce the number of deficient bridges on the state system, or protecting funding for the Heartland Flyer passenger rail, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber has a strong, diverse transportation policy agenda designed to help continue to achieve positive economic development outcomes for Oklahoma City and the state. 

Stay tuned for more on the Chamber's 2019 Legislative Agenda.


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