OKC VeloCity | Chamber scorecard highlights legislatorsí votes

Chamber scorecard highlights legislatorsí votes

By Chamber Staff / Policy / October 12, 2020

To keep its members informed on relevant issues at the State Capitol, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber releases its Legislative Scorecard every year. The scorecard includes information prepared by the statewide Research Institute for Economic Development (RIED) to identify elected officials’ votes on issues important to the business community.

Alongside the RIED scores, the Chamber also assigns a score to legislators based on priority issues advocated by the Chamber during the legislative session. The following charts represent voting records for State Senate and House elected officials during the 2020 legislative session.

Scores are based on issues identified by the Chamber and RIED, including, but not limited to, elected officials’ votes on the selected bills:

Software Cyber Engineering Fix (SB 1204)
County Jail Trust (HB 2668)
Regional Transportation Authority (HB 3155)
COVID-19 Liability Protection  (SB 1946)
Charter Schools Fund (SB923)

This story originally appeared in the October edition of the POINT!

Total Votes: 91 Avg Vote: 1