OKC VeloCity | CJAC launches website to communicate council's important work

CJAC launches website to communicate council's important work

By Chamber Staff / Policy / September 15, 2020

The Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Advisory (CJAC) council recently rolled out a new website. The inaugural site aims to be user-focused and easy to navigate.

“The site provides a centralized online location for information about the progress at the Oklahoma County Detention Center and courts,” said Timothy Tardibono, CJAC executive director. “It will also provide a place for us to post online our quarterly reports and annual reports so the public will be able to see the data, successful projects, and challenges still facing the community.”

Tardibono said the site will also highlight the important work of community partners that are providing diversion opportunities. Lastly, the site allows for expanded events related to the CJAC to give the public a way to better find out details about meetings.

 A few tips to navigate the new site:

  • Use the navigation menus at the top of the home page to find CJAC information about the council’s mission and vision, contact information, links to community partners, regularly updated news and events.
  • Links to new social media connections for CJAC and community partners.

You can find the new site at https://www.okcountycjac.com.

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