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Lifestyle / August 20, 2019

See southern Oklahoma from a railcar

Fancy a trip to the DFW MetroPlex (or, if you're in Dallas, to OKC), but less fancy the hours of driving? Never fear, the Heartland Flyer is here.

By Kennedy Parker
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Lifestyle / August 13, 2019

Get educated on the state of our schools

Curious about the progress being made in the Oklahoma City Public School District? At the upcoming State of the Schools lunch event you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel and his team of high-level district leaders in a panel discussion.

By Kaylee Terracina
Lifestyle / August 13, 2019

School is back in session

Did you know that there are approximately 277,000 students currently enrolled in public and private Pre-K-12 schools throughout Greater Oklahoma City?

By Kaylee Terracina
Lifestyle / August 13, 2019

Universities 101

If all the back-to-school sections of the store have given you the hankering to pick up a few credit hours for yourself, then you are in luck. Greater Oklahoma City is home to 15 colleges and universities.

By Kaylee Terracina
Lifestyle / August 13, 2019

Get skilled

When it comes to career and technology schools, Oklahoma’s system is nationally acclaimed.

By Kaylee Terracina
VeloCity Q&A / June 19, 2019
Tommy Yi
President & Cofounder,
I thought there was a huge opportunity here, especially with MAPS 3 starting to take shape. I saw Oklahoma City as a sandbox of opportunity. That compelled me to really make a choice to stay here and build something like this.