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Lifestyle / December 3, 2019

Love your OKC? Show it at the polls!

If you have spent much time in Oklahoma City, chances are you have heard about the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) program. Since 1993, MAPS has been the biggest driver of Oklahoma City’s renaissance, bringing voter-approved public investments throughout Oklahoma City communities -- and all debt free.

By Kaylee Terracina
Hough institute thru 3-11
Lifestyle / December 3, 2019

Oklahoma has a place in Pearl Harbor history

This land-locked, Midwestern state may not seem like it would be involved in the attack that brought the United States into World War II. But the state’s name is heard when discussing the day that has lived in infamy.

By Molly Fleming
Lifestyle / November 26, 2019

Your waistline and nonprofits will benefit from Thanksgiving Day 5Ks

What do the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation, Bright Sky Ministry, Turning Point Ministries and Serve More have in common? Besides being nonprofit organizations, they’ll all benefit from you getting up early on Thanksgiving Day and being a part of a 5-kilometer run.

By Molly Fleming
Lifestyle / November 26, 2019

Be sure to shop small on Saturday

Shopping at stores in Oklahoma City is especially important in Oklahoma, where cities’ budgets are solely based on sales taxes. So the more you shop here, the more you help our police departments have up-to-date equipment or keep those pot holes filled.

By Molly Fleming
VeloCity Q&A / June 19, 2019
Tommy Yi
President & Cofounder,
I thought there was a huge opportunity here, especially with MAPS 3 starting to take shape. I saw Oklahoma City as a sandbox of opportunity. That compelled me to really make a choice to stay here and build something like this.