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Lifestyle / November 17, 2020

Create a calorie well to throw down all that turkey

Even during a pandemic, you face no dearth of opportunities to engage in a ďTurkey TrotĒ race, aka some type of fun, easy road race generally run on Thanksgiving morning where many participants may don even goofier attire than the standard, plenty-goofy-by-itself running gear.

By Nate Fisher
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Lifestyle / November 17, 2020

Visit Shawnee

Shawnee boasts a little something for everyone. Located on I-40 just forty-five minutes east of downtown Oklahoma City and minutes from I-44, I-35 and Route 66, Shawnee is a quick after-work jaunt or weekend outing.

By Chamber Staff
Lifestyle / November 10, 2020

Lyricís ĎA Christmas Carolí gets an outdoor twist

COVID might be making us all Scrooges with so many cancellations, but Lyric Theatre is keeping the Christmas spirit alive in an innovative way. Make plans to see the annual Christmas Carol production at the Harn Homestead.

By Kaylee McDaniel
Lifestyle / November 10, 2020

Itís reining horse shows (get it?)

On the cityís western side, the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds is busier than usual with horse shows. People and their horses are coming from all over the world to compete. Learn more about the shows and why theyíre important to the city.

By Kaylee McDaniel
Lifestyle / November 10, 2020

Head north to visit Edmond

Even if you live in Edmond, you might not know all the cool things to do there. Thatís ok, but this week our metro tour is highlighting the northern city. See what Edmond has to offer and safely visit soon.

By Kaylee McDaniel
Lifestyle / November 3, 2020

Be thankful for the Chamberís November events

If you want to talk to someone other than your coworkers or your dog (because cats will ignore you), then come to one of the Chamberís virtual events in November. Networking is still offered so maybe youíll meet a new prospect. Learn more about whatís planned.

By Justin Tinder
VeloCity Q&A / June 19, 2019
Tommy Yi
President & Cofounder,
I thought there was a huge opportunity here, especially with MAPS 3 starting to take shape. I saw Oklahoma City as a sandbox of opportunity. That compelled me to really make a choice to stay here and build something like this.