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Lifestyle / June 11, 2019

Living history

We talk a lot about Oklahoma Cityís history here at Better Life HQ, so it should come as no surprise that Oklahoma Cityís housing has plenty of historic charm.

By Kaylee Terracina
Elevate 10/19
Lifestyle / June 11, 2019

In the heart of OKC

Downtown is where itís at! Entertainment, arts, fashionable hangouts and happeniní hipness are at your fingertips - along with OKCís trademark ease of living.

By Kennedy Parker
Lifestyle / June 11, 2019

Superb living in the suburbs

One of the great things about living in Oklahoma City is the fact that living in the ďsuburbsĒ doesnít necessarily mean living out of the city.

By Kennedy Parker
Lifestyle / June 11, 2019

Plenty of room to roam

Living on the outskirts of Oklahoma City has never been more attractive. Youíll have all the peace that pastoral living provides, with much shorter commute times than you expect and still the same access to amenities.

By Kaylee Terracina
Lifestyle / June 4, 2019

Itís an adventure in June in OKC

If youíre new to OKC, you may not be aware of all the cool ways there are to experience unique-to-OKC offerings and more in the Adventure District.

By Nate Fisher
State of the City / January 18, 2018
Mick Cornett
Former mayor of Oklahoma City
I have had the good fortune to visit with mayors and chamber leadership from coast to coast. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is the best chamber of commerce anywhere.