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Lifestyle / April 2, 2019

Not so fast: get caught up with VeloCity

VeloCity is a great place to get an insiderís look at OKCís community, business and economy, lifestyle, events, news and more. We recommend checking out some of the recent articles.

By Nate Fisher
Lifestyle / March 26, 2019

Weather 101

Much is made about weather in Oklahoma but most of the time it couldnít be nicer. In fact, we see 350 sunny days a year in Oklahoma City with an average temp of 61 degrees.

By Chamber Staff
Lifestyle / March 26, 2019

A guide to watches and warnings

If you arenít familiar with the categories for severe weather, watching a meteorology report can be a little confusing. Here is a no-frills guide to severe weather reporting.

By Chamber Staff
Lifestyle / March 19, 2019

Military roots

Oklahoma has a close relationship with our nationís military. And with with three Air Force bases and a very large Army post in the state, itís clear that they have a large impact on our state.

By David McCollum
Lifestyle / March 19, 2019

History comes to life

The 45th Infantry Division, also known as the Thunderbirds, has a long and storied history and the 45th Infantry Division Museum is a place where history comes alive.

By David McCollum
Lifestyle / March 12, 2019

Get to know the Paseo

Weíre pretty fond of art here in OKC, and nowhere is that more apparent than the Paseo Arts District.

By Kennedy Parker
VeloCity Q&A / June 19, 2019
Tommy Yi
President & Cofounder,
I thought there was a huge opportunity here, especially with MAPS 3 starting to take shape. I saw Oklahoma City as a sandbox of opportunity. That compelled me to really make a choice to stay here and build something like this.