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Lifestyle / May 12, 2020

Discover the Paseo

If you’re itching to get out of your house and explore your new city, we’d encourage you to check out the Paseo Arts District. The historic district is tucked inside the Paseo neighborhood and offers plenty to see. Read more about the district and get ready to mark some dates on your calendar.

By Marcus Elwell
Lifestyle / April 21, 2020

The heARTbeat of our community

With so many arts organizations in the city, it can be difficult to pick where you donate your money. Allied Arts helps to alleviate that decision, providing funding to 40 local arts groups in the Greater Oklahoma City area. Read more about the emergency arts fund the organization has created.

By Kaylee McDaniel
Lifestyle / April 21, 2020

Need an artist? This list will help

Whether you need a muralist or a sculptor, the city of Oklahoma City can point you in the right direction. Find out more about the pre-qualified artists pool.

By Kaylee McDaniel
Lifestyle / April 21, 2020

Go on a socially distant art search

The city of Oklahoma City has a vast art collection. And there’s a map to help you find them all. Get out of the house and look for some lesser known pieces of the city’s public art collection.

By Kaylee McDaniel
State of the City / January 18, 2018
Mick Cornett
Former mayor of Oklahoma City
I have had the good fortune to visit with mayors and chamber leadership from coast to coast. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is the best chamber of commerce anywhere.