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Lifestyle / October 27, 2020

Pothole patrol

If you keep hitting that same pesky pothole every day, you can do something to get it fixed. So who ya gonna call? It wonít be the Ghostbusters. Learn more about the City of Oklahoma Cityís process and keep the information handy as winter rolls into town.

By Marcus Elwell
Development / October 20, 2020

New pedestrian bridge coming to Northwest Expressway

By the end of 2021, northwest Oklahoma City residents will be able to safely cross NW Expressway without worrying about traffic. The project includes one-quarter mile of new trail and a bridge with ramps and stairs.

By Molly M. Fleming
VeloCity profile / August 28, 2020
Dirk Spiers
Founder & President,
Spiers New Technologies
The OKC Chamber has been absolutely terrific for us; very, very helpful and always on our side. Iím grateful for that.